Our Staff


Jim Sweet   ??????? 
President / Director of Sales   Event Manager
jsweet@smokeyglenfarm.com   ??????@smokeyglenfarm.com

 Kelly Haga

  Mark Perkins 

 Director of Sales & Marketing

  Event Manager


Dawn Free (retiring in May, 2018)   Candice Crogan
Director of Operations   Event Manager
dfree@smokeyglenfarm.com   ccrogan@smokeyglenfarm.com
Ken Grundy   Julia Crowley
Director of Operations   Event Manager
kgrundy@smokeyglenfarm.com   jcrowley@smokeyglenfarm.com
Sales Department    Sherry Wilcox
sales@smokeyglenfarm.com   Office Manager
Mark Sweet   Matt Guerra
Property Manager   Operations Manager
msweet@smokeyglenfarm.com   mguerra@smokeyglenfarm.com
    Nate Armstrong
    Operations Manager


* Please call us, instead of e-mailing, if you are inquiring about changes to your event or schedule. These items deserve immediate attention. E-mails are normally checked within 48 hours.